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Portfolio of Displays from A. Pepper Designs, Inc.

Floor Sunglass Display

This sunglass display is a three sided display that holds 120 pairs of sunglasses. It has brushed aluminum base top, rails, and header for you signage. The sunglass display works absolutely fantastic in high traffic retail setting such as convenience stores and truck stops where these displays will take a lot of punishment because of the high number of people walking through the stores. This sunglass display has a nearly unbreakable frame because the rails are made from extruded aluminum and where the sunglasses are held on it is made of steel wire. The base on this sunglass display is a solid base made of solid wood with extruded black corners. All and all this sunglass display has been known to last in high traffic retail setting for up to 10 years. The display has mirrors on all three rails and holds 40 sunglasses per side.


This trendy sunglass display has the capability of holding 120 pairs of sunglasses. The interesting part of this sunglass display is that it doesn’t have any nose pieces what actually happens is once the sunglasses are set into the display they hang down in with gravity. When you don’t have nose pieces on the sunglass display it takes up much less floor space because of the room needed to stick out off the display for the nose piece. The material use for the panels is made from a high strength plastic that is routed out. The base on this sunglass display is a very common egg crate base which is the most economical base that we offer. On the header or the sign of the display is your choice of the wording and also logo. This sunglass display is an extremely affordable option to displaying your sunglasses in stores such as dollar stores and thrift stores.

Sunglass Display

Sunglass Display History

This sweet sunglass display is a great way to hold tons of sunglasses by hanging them from hooks which means you can have numerous sunglasses per hook. The sunglass display here is great for those really inexpensive sunglasses that you buy by the truck load, this unit can hold upwards of 260 pairs of sunglasses with 4 inch hooks. This particular sunglass display has a storage unit underneath it where you can store loads more of those awesomely cheap sunglasses. The sign on this sunglass display has is made of a brushed aluminum and can have any image or logo printed onto it. The rails are made of aluminum extrusions and have a mirror for every rail. After all is said this sunglass display works great in high traffic areas because of its durable construction and is known to last in retail stores for long periods of time.


This spectacular sunglass display is one of the largest displays in our stable holding an incredible 240 pairs of sunglasses in an opened format. It works best in retail environment with lots of space like truck stops and some larger convenience stores. The thing that makes this sunglass display really cool is the use of a vinyl sticker on the extruded aluminum rails which give it the appearance of wood with the strength of steel. The display has the option of putting hooks onto the rails for all of your accessory needs and also has a mirror at the top of each rail. This sunglass display has a egg crate base with wood panels slipped into it. The entire display is made from a high strength MDF and is covered with a maple finish, an excellent look for an outdoors type retailer. Also the signage on this sunglass display can have whatever you choose either a really cool logo or wording of your choice.


Sunglass Display

This super cool one sided sunglass display is made entirely from brushed aluminum and holds approximately 40 sunglasses. The display comes equipped with two side mirrors so your customers can see themselves looking sweet in their new shades. The sunglass display has a brushed aluminum bottom with a lazy susan attached to the bottom so the display spins around smoothly. This unit has an area at the top of the sunglass display where your logo can go. The effect from the brushed aluminum really makes your sunglasses stand out very nicely and scream for potential customer’s attention. This display works well in high end clothing stores and tradeshows.


This spectacularly awesome sunglass display is what I like to call a show stopper because people will stop right in the tracks to check out whatever is on this display. Can we say bling bling; because that’s what all your customers are going to be thinking about this sunglass display when their looking at it. It can hold approximately 40 pairs of sunglasses and has two side mirrors on the display so customers can see how great your sunglasses look on them.



Sunglass Display

This sunglass display has a very unique grid system which we have developed known as the B grid, which is the curved shape of the grid. The display here holds 80 pairs of sunglasses; it has maple rails with a maple divider panel. The base top of this sunglass display is made of brushed aluminum, which gives it a beautiful look that is sure to stand out from the crowd of boring displays. The base on this sunglass display is a cool shaped egg crate base which makes it look like it has legs. The header on this sunglass display is made of brushed aluminum and makes a great place for your company’s logo. This display works well in high end retail outlets because of the use of such great materials with unique style grid system. 



This concept sunglass display was an idea for a single sided floor stand use in drug stores that holds 60 pairs of sunglasses. This is an extremely old sunglass display concept design that goes back about 9 years and wasn’t the final version, but was part of the brainstorming process. This sunglass display used an all aluminum base top and bottom with a blue particle board in between. The sunglass display was approximately 48 inches wide and was thought to be used as an end cap display. This display also used the curved B style grid within it, to show off all the super cool sunglasses.




Sunglass Display

This sunglass display is made of MDF particle board with a maple veneer and has the ability to hold 80 pairs of sunglasses. The sunglasses on this display are at a 45 degree angle to really help show off the bottom glasses. It uses a routed acrylic temple holder with a plastic nose piece that nearly disappears because it’s all clear. On the side of the rails are vinyl stickers of images with mirrors on each side as well. This sunglass display works extremely well in optometrist offices and also has the capability of adding a brochure holder on the side for added information about your sunglasses.





This sunglass display here is shows the dimensions of our floor displays. The sunglass displays base can be anywhere between 12” to 16” a unit. The sunglass displays top is 52” and the header sign is 6.375” tall. The total height for our floor sunglass displays are between 69” to 73” tall.





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Timeless A. Pepper Sunglass Displays


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