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A. Pepper Designs is located in the beautiful and historic downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For over 14 years, we have provided innovative solutions in the design and manufacturing of sunglass displays for a wide category of merchandiser catagories ranging from sunglasses racks and prescription eyewear displays to ready-to-wear sunglass display accessories. Our diverse client list spans across several major sunglass, prescription eyewear, and eyewear accessories manufacturers and distributors nationwide.

Along with our in-house design and fabrication facility, our headquarters has the ability to custom design and produce almost any sunglass display based on our clients' specifications. We fully assist our clients in creating their custom sunglass displays from the beginning to end; including material specification to custom sunglass graphic printing for your sunglass display. With our diverse experience in materials and fabrication, we have provided our clients with a variety of sunglass displays made with wood, plastic, and metal. Our sunglass display racks are available in several configurations including countertop sunglass displays, spinning or stationary sunglass display racks, locking sunglass displays, a single-sided sunglass display or multi-sided sunglass displays. We even have the capabilities to develop wall-mounted sunglass displays. Our expansive connections to major networks and resources have also allowed us the capability to fabricate, manufacture, and provide logistic support specifically to meet our clients' custom needs for the sunglass display industry.

With over 100,000 sunglass displays currently in major retail outlets, we have established our reputation in providing attractive and durable sunglass display racks with quality surpassing most of our competitors.
Along with the collaborative relationship with our clients, we continue to provide not only cost effective sunglass displays but also innovative solutions for our customers.


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