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Slatwall Displays 403

We offer many customizable solutions for slatwall displays. This particular slatwall display offers two sides of slatwall panel that displays your products in an appealing manner in any retail environment. Our aluminum slatwall is accented with black molding that develops a visual contrast focusing attention on your products. Being one of our more flashy slatwall displays, slatwall display 403 is configured to accept a wide variety of merchandising accessories.  Gray side panels provide structural integrity for this display and casters allow this display to be easily relocated. Please remember that your display is easily customizable into any color or material selection.  An optional spinning base allows for multi-directional use in a variety of display environments.

The height of this particular slatwall display is 65 inches tall with thirteen slatwall rows.   The footprint of this  slatwall is 17 inches wide base. When thinking about a custom design for new slatwall displays think about what types of materials and colors you want to use.   If you have any questions regarding this slatwall display or any other slatwall displays please call and we will be happy to answer them for you in a prompt manner.

Display Footprint-17”   Display Height-65”
Display Capacity- Custom Accessories
Custom graphic plastic divider panels available for slatwall displays

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Here at A. Pepper Designs, Inc., we make it easy for you to get a fully customized slatwall display that fits your company's brand image by being able to switch all of the core elements of our stock slatwall displays. For these slatwall units, you can choose the divider panel either plastic or brushed aluminum, the coloring of the wood, and also the header for your logo on the top of this display.

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