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Floor Sunglass Display Racks 106

Of all of our sunglass display racks, this sleek black two sided spinning display has been our most popular sunglass display rack throughout the years. The display racks ability to hold 120 pairs of sunglasses has made it a versatile sunglass display View our 80 Piece Sunglass Display Rack here. The rack comes equipped with two mirrors, one on each of the structurally sound display panels. Customizable, like all of our sunglass display racks, this display shows off a brushed aluminum divider panel and display header. The display rack's recommended brushed aluminum divider panel will provide a strong contrast to any type of sunglass displayed on it making this display rack a perfect fit in retail settings.

This sunglass display's height is typical for most floor sunglass display racks standing at approximately 65 inches in height. It absorbs a small footprint at 17 inches in diameter. This display is able to be fit with a variety of different sunglass display rack bases. It is shown here with our sleek looking display rack base; a classy and effective fit to any retail environment. When thinking about a custom design for a new sunglass display case think about what types of wood and color you want to use. Also think about the kind of base you want to use for your sunglass display racks, whether it’s the most economical, or displayed with a high end locking storage base. If you have any questions regarding this or any sunglasses display cases please call and we will be happy to answer them in a prompt manner.

Display Racks Footprint-17”  
Display Racks Height-65”
Sunglass Display Capacity-80 sunglasses, 120 sunglasses

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Here at A. Pepper Designs, Inc., we make it easy for you to get a fully customized sunglass display that fits your company's brand image. By being able to switch all of the core elements of our stock sunglass racks, you can truly find the right display for your sunglass eyewear. For these floor sunglass racks, you can choose the rack divider panel in either plastic or brushed aluminum. The coloring of the wood and the types of paneling used on the display base are more ways for you to find the right fit. An Aluminum or black header will make your company's logo stand out.

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