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Sunglass Display Stand 504

This four sided multipurpose sunglass display stand has four sides that let you pick how to setup your display. You can either choose between a side with pegboard or a side that holds 40 pairs of sunglasses. The base on this sunglass display stand is one of most durable bases we have and it’s incredibly easy to assemble. The top of this sunglass display stand has a brushed aluminum header for the placement of your custom company logo. This sunglass display stand works extremely well in high traffic areas because of the overall strength of the unit, perfect for convenient stores and truck stops. This particular sunglass display stand comes well equipped with four side mirrors.

The height of this sunglass display stand is approximately 72” tall and its footprint is about 20”. When thinking about choosing the divider panels for your own custom sunglass display stand you should really consider your current brand colors, this will be the background for your eyewear. On this sunglass display stand you can choose an easy to assemble storage base or an economical egg crate base, whichever suits your needs the best. (This sunglass display stand come with a lazy susan so the whole display rotates smoothly around as the customer chooses which sunglass they want.) If you have any questions regarding this sunglass display stand please call and we will be happy to answer them.

Footprint-17"   Height-65”
Capacity-80 sunglasses, accessories varies
Custom graphic plastic divider panels-available

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Here at A Pepper Designs, Inc we make it easy for you to get a fully customized sunglass display that fits your companies brand image by being able to switch all of the core elements of our stock sunglass displays. These merchandiser displays can be modified to fit your specific needs, whether it’s a two sided, three sided or four sided. With all of these sunglass displays you can choose what each side will have on it and whether it will hold 40 or 60 pairs of sunglasses. You are also able to chose pegboard, and or slotted acrylic for your accessory needs. The wood used in these sunglass displays can also be chosen from a list of sample images. The aluminum extrusions on the sunglass display can be powder coated any color or brushed to give them our signature look.

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