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As the premiere sunglass display company since 1996, A. Pepper Designs has provided many innovative solutions for the display design and manufacturing industry. We have developed various forms of sunglass displays and eyewear displays for many major retail companies across the nation. Industry leaders have all entrusted their sunglasses display design and manufacturing to A. Pepper Designs, Inc.

Custom Eyewear Displays.
Our in-house design and fabrication facility has the ability to custom design and produce any sunglass display based on our clients specifications. Our relationships to major networks and resources have given us the capabilities to fabricate, manufacture, and provide logistic support at competitive pricing to specifically meet our client needs for the eyewear industry.

Pride in Craftmanship.
With excellent proven track record and years of experience, our sunglass racks and displays have been known to surpass our competitors in both quality and durability; all with an extraordinary level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. One of the factors that sets us apart from our display design competitors is that we work closely with our clients to build long lasting relationships that will satisfy their needs and provide significant return on their investment. We continually strive to provide our sunglasses display customers with excellent customer service. We fully support our sunglass displays with lifetime guarantees including a continuous customer support service.

Collaborative Relationships.
Our strength in design and manufacturing of sunglass displays has allowed us the privilege of building collaborative relationships with our clients that continue to provide cost effective solutions and innovative products for them.

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